Thursday, December 29, 2016

Differences Between Buying New Construction and Previously Owned Homes

There is a big difference between buying a new construction home and one that was previously owned.  When you are buying a home that has already been lived in you are purchasing someone’s memories.  One of the advantages of buying new construction is that you do not have to deal with the emotions of the buyer therefore the emotions are left out of the sales process.  When buying new construction, as with a home that was previously owned you will need to secure financing, budget for the unexpected and get pre-approval on a home loan.
If you are contemplating the purchase of a newly constructed home below are some steps to help guide you along the process.
Evaluate the Pros and Cons
One of the benefits of owning a newly-constructed home is that no one else has lived in it.  Everything is bright, shiny and new for you to use before anyone else.  There are three different options in buying new construction including:
  • Buying a new house on spec
  • Purchasing a semicustom home from preselected styles
  • Buying a fully custom designed home
There are many reasons to purchase new construction and a few cons as well.  Previously built homes have mature landscapes where new construction you are cultivating something from nothing.  It could take quiet sometime for the landscape to mature.  Many times new construction is a bit cookie cutter.  Will having homes in the neighborhood that look similar to yours bother you?  New construction also tends to be built super close together; is the lack of privacy worth living in a new construction home?
Investigate Neighborhoods and Area Home Builders
When buying a new construction home you will want to work with a buyer’s agent that not only specializes in new construction but also is familiar with the area, can set up home tours and help throughout the closing process.  The listing agent will be working in conjunction with the builder therefore their agenda will be for the seller not you the buyer.  A listing agent won’t necessarily be looking out for the buyer’s best interest in the sale.  It is crucial that you tour new construction only when doing so with your agent.
Go to the open models within new construction neighborhoods you are interested in.  Make sure to take notes and pictures to keep track of the different options offered and the neighborhoods.  Talk with other homeowners within the neighborhood.  Ask about their experience with the builder and talk to them about the neighborhood.
Make sure to look into the development builder as well.  Talk to local agents that have worked with the builder before.  Talk with the better business bureau about any complaints against them.  Talk with the occupants of homes that the builder has recently finished.  All of these people will offer you a different perspective into working with the buyer.
In our next installment in buying new construction we will talk in depth about what is standard verse what upgrades are extra, home inspections and warranties, and the closing process.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Helpful Tips For Buying A New Construction Home

Tips for Buying a New Construction Home
  • Use an independent real estate agent: Homeowners will want to bring their own representation to the table when buying a new construction home.  The sales representatives that are on hand work in representing the builder’s best interests in a new construction community.  It is in you r best interest to have someone that is looking out only for your best interest when negotiations.  This will help to ensure there is no conflict of interest when working out details of contracts, onsite inspections, and more.
  • A drop in the cost of building is rare instead ask for builder concessions: Builders rarely offer discounts.  They have set, established pricing and tend to strictly stick to these when negotiating contracts.  Instead if you are looking to get more for your money you can seek out a deal by looking to purchase a spec home or model.  These homes have been built to attract buyers and once they have served their purchase are often offered for sale at a slight discount over other homes in the neighborhood.  The drawback is that you will be buying the new construction home as is instead of getting to detail exactly what you desire.
  • Discuss the builder’s warranty: Warranties vary between builders.  Some builders will offer an extended warranty lasting up to ten years for structural issues but put shorter stipulations on wear items such as plumbing, electrical and so on.  Before signing the contract beware of what type of warranty is being offered.
  • Prepare for the unexpected: Occasionally suppliers discontinue materials.  Be prepared to have some of the finishing touches you have chosen to change a bit along the way.  Builders work diligently to prevent major changes from occurring however the unexpected can and does occur in new construction.
  • Require an independent inspection: A home inspector that is independent of the builder should be hired to do a final inspection once the builder has finished your home.  They will go over the various aspects of the home including: plumbing, electrical, roofing, crawl spaces, attic, insulation and so on and so forth.  This will allow and independent set of eyes to inspect the house thus allowing you to get these items repaired by the builder before closing on your new construction home.
  • Reap the benefits on move in day: The excitement of buying a new home is something that all buyers feel but purchasing new construction is even more thrilling. You will be the first person to use the appliances, take a bath in the tub and enjoy a relaxing day on the deck.
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Tips For Buying A New Construction Home

Buying a new construction home is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us.  All of the decisions are up to you, the buyer!  You will be the first person to sit in the tub, the person to choose the paint, the tile; each and every choice will be up to you.  It will be hard not to get caught up in the excitement but avoid that at all costs and remember to focus on what’s important.  The most crucial aspect of buying a new construction home is to have the home inspected thoroughly to allow the builder to remedy problems that exist before closing.  Below are a few important aspects to consider when buying a new construction home:
  • Seek out and hire a professional real estate agent: Many times buyers don’t think about the importance of having their own representation when buying new construction.  When building a new home you are often working directly with an on-site sales agent. It is important to have your own personal agent working with you and the on-site agent.  Don’t feel you need to handle this huge challenge on your won.  The on-site sales agent is in essence representing the builder so it is important that you have a realtor looking out for your interests.
  • Research, Research, Research: When you are making any substantial purchase it is essential to do your research. Look very closely into builders, their work and their references before signing any contracts to further work with any builder.  You will want to be sure that all of their licenses and insurance policies are up to date.  Ask questions about the sub-contractors that they hire and talk with homeowners who have recently had their homes built using the contractors you are considering.
  • Check out the fine print: A contract supplied by the builder which clearly work to only protect the builder and building company not the buyer. This is why it is crucial that you hire a real estate agent and lawyer to review the fine print of any and all contracts with the builder before signing on the dotted line. During each phase it is important to continue being represented.  Review all warranties offered so that you understand what they cover and what is not.
  • Hire a home inspector and proceed with a final walk through: Have the home inspected independently throughout the building process.  The pace builders are putting new construction homes together is gathering speed as the market increases.  Builders are human too and therefore subject to human error so to ensure that nothing is missed an independent set of eyes is helpful for you and the builder.  After the final inspection is done do an official walk through with the builder.  This is a great opportunity to point out both major and minor issues that need to be addressed before closing.  It is easier to address concerns before you are all moved in and settled.
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Monday, October 31, 2016

Trends In Home Improvement and New Construction For 2016

It is amazing what a year does within industries like home improvement and new construction.  In an effort to keep up with changes contractors must stay ahead of the game to continue to inspire homeowners and grow their businesses.  Below are a number of trends that contractors are using to inspire homeowners projects for home improvements in 2016.
Out with the wallpaper of the nineties and shag carpet of the eighties and in with the bold accented walls.  The trend for 2016 is the use of bold accent walls; the use of colors and unique materials to accent one or two of the walls in a space is what is popular today.  Popular materials that homeowners are using include reclaimed barn wood, metal tiles, stone and combinations of natural, rustic materials and metals.  Fireplaces are also in on this trend.  Full wall fireplace surrounds are a must in new construction to allow for a central focal point.
Every year there are new colors that hit the market and are instant hits.  This year reports of pale pink and purple-blue are popular like the colored pegs in the popular board game Life.   As always white continues to be a staple and popular in 2016 as an accent color as well as for trim throughout the home.
Another trend that is prevalent in home renovations is open layouts verse closed up floor plans.  In primary locations such as the kitchen and living room are being updated.  Instead of being enclosed separate spaces contractors are creating open layouts that work to cohesion to one general space.  Contractors are making better use of the space homeowners have and are safely opening up walls and allowing for more functional joint spaces. 
A trend in home improvement that is changing because of the way we are changing as a society is the addition of space in our own homes that is specifically designed for our aging parents.  More and more society is walking away from the idea of placing elderly parents into long term care facilities and instead allowing them to move in.  Project contractors are seeing range from adding wheelchair accessibility and small safety upgrades to adding additional space onto the home in the form of a suite. 
Homeowners are always seeking renovations that will return money on their initial outlay in the form of increased equity in the home.  The most valuable renovations to homeowners will forever be within kitchens and bathrooms.  It is important in any improvement that you take into consideration the neighborhood that you live in.  Don’t over upgrade your home as this will only work to make your house seem overpriced to the market.  If your neighbors all have kitchens with laminate flooring and counter tops it is likely that more sophisticated upgrades will price your home over the subdivision average. 
The main aspect of any home improvement project is to keep up with the ever changing trends while staying true to your own style.  
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Technology Is Changing The Home Improvement Industry

When it comes to new construction and home improvements today it is amazing how technology has changed the way professionals work.  Advances have made that make home building techniques of yesterday obsolete.  Homes are made with greener, more sustainable materials as well as being built to fit the way we live today.  Below you will find some of the most popular trends in new construction and home improvement.
As mentioned previously, homes today are built with more sustainable materials than ever before.  Home construction is all about environmental friendliness and green living.  Energy efficient elements are being included in new construction home designs all in an effort to reduce a homeowner’s footprint on the Earth.
Other ways homeowners are changing the construction industry while maintaining the environment is with the use of reclaimed wood.  The use of reclaimed wood is popular in flooring and for accents.  It is a terrific way for homeowners to combine rustic and contemporary styles in their homes.
Technology is being used throughout home design as well to account for the increase in homeowners needs to be connected through their smart phones and tablets.  This is largely developing in modern kitchens as the desire to enhance easy living for busy families on the go.  Smart appliances are also being integrated throughout homes in an effort to augment homes to match the changes in the family climate.
Open shelving throughout the home is another trend that is popular for 2016.  This includes open designs within kitchens and bathrooms as well as shelving throughout the living room and bedroom areas.  Open shelves allow homeowners the ability to showcase more aesthetically pleasing elements.
LED lighting along with the use of colors in lighting are both trends that contractors are seeing in new construction.  Colored lighting controlled by smart phones is a popular way that homeowners can control the ambience of the room without moving.  LED lights are being placed above showerheads to enhance the water stream and in kitchens above the cabinets to increase the visual appeal of the space.  These are all elements in the home improvement industry that are being altered because of advances in technology.
Trends in the home improvement industry are definitely nothing new to most professional contractors that are around today.  From shag orange carpet and plaid couches to refrigerators that allow you to shop directly from them contractors are used to being a part of ever changing trends in the way families interact within their homes. 
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Monday, September 26, 2016

Important Tips In Locating A Renovation Contractor

It is important to put in the time and effort when looking to hire a contractor for renovations jobs around your home.  In this installment on choosing a contractor we will discuss several steps you can take to confidently find a renovation specialist for all of your remodeling jobs.
When looking to find a renovation contractor it is important to ask for referrals.  Word of mouth is the best way to find competent help.  If you need a qualified professional to remodel your kitchen, renovate your bathroom or add on to your home start by asking relatives, friends, family and neighbors with whom they have experience with.  Talk about what made it a positive experience, how the contractor handled problems as they arose and if they would choose the same contractor again if they were remodeling again.
The next step after you are armed with referrals is to do a little firsthand research.  Start by checking out the contractor’s website.   Locate their credentials and check to see if they hold all of the required licenses, insurance, certifications and proper designations from professional contractor organizations.  From there make a phone call to set up a meeting to interview each home renovation specialist.
Set up meetings with three contractors because any more than that can get a bit confusing.  How a contractor answers a homeowners questions says a lot about them.  It is extremely important and will give you insight on how communication will go in the future.  Be prepared with a detailed list of questions to ask each contractor.  Be sure to take notes so that you have something to refer back to when making a decision at a later time and date.
During your interview with each contractor be sure to ask for references.  You will want to see some of the work that the contractor has done in the past as well as to find out other details about job performance.  Ask about the execution of the job and the work of the crew. Were they able to stay on time and within budget?  What about the outcome?  Was the referral pleased with the outcome of the job?  Would they hire the same contractor to perform the renovation again?
As you are making a final decision on which contractor you will chose for your renovation narrow it down based on previous business experience and management.  Here are a few things you will want to be sure you can answer:
  • Does the contractor run a reputable construction firm; are they a one man renovation specialist or do they hire sub-contractors to help perform tasks they aren’t able to? Is there a permanent mailing address, email address and phone number?  Be sure you can contact the contractor at anytime you need to.  Communication is a key element to a successful renovation.
  • Can you get a physical copy of insurance and certifications held by the contractor?
  • What is their presence in the community like? Do people recognize the contractor’s name?  Does the contractor maintain positive relationship with other specialized contractors such as plumbers and electricians as well as their crew?
  • Do they have a solid reputation within the community and their peers? Do they have a successful track record with other area contractors?
Once a final choice has been made between contractors the real work can begin.  Be sure to openly communicate your own expectations throughout the renovation.  This will help to ensure the remodel will go smoothly and that you stay satisfied throughout the entire process.
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Hiring A Contractor Verse DIY

How many times do you see a renovation idea for your home and consider taking on the challenge of doing it yourself only to find half way through you may be over your head?  It always looks so easy when they are doing it, are reading it or are seeing the end result on the internet.  There are so many times the renovations don’t translate over into real life.  This is one reason it is super beneficial to consider hiring a professional contractor when it comes to home improvement projects you are interested in.
It is important to hire the right contractor when it comes to renovations especially for the bigger jobs like kitchen renovation and bathroom remodels.  The process of hiring a contractor doesn’t have to be scary.  It does take a lot to trust a stranger with your home but there are several steps you can take to be sure you are hiring the right individual for the job, your home and your family.
professional contractor does more than just the physical labor involved in the renovation process.  Renovation specialists manage and oversee the entire remodel to be sure the project is staying on schedule, within budget and that the homeowner is satisfied.  The main contractor is in charge of getting sub-contractors organized as needed throughout the project as well.  It is quiet the balancing act to make sure that burden of the renovation is off of the homeowner.
When hiring a contractor you will want to be sure to work only with professionals that are not only licensed but also insured and up to date on special certifications.  The rules and regulations of what is needed for contractors to be able to practice their trade in each state vary.  It is your responsibility as the homeowner to make sure that the contractor you have hired holds the correct licenses and insurance.  It is important to obtain a hard copy of all documentation for your records in case it is needed at a later time and date.
When you begin your search for the perfect contractor it is important not to base your opinion solely on the cost of the renovation.  When you are looking at the estimates that you are given consider the hidden costs that are not seen in the quote.  Not every estimate is created equally.   Solid communication between homeowner and contractor is not something that can be written in an estimate even though this is one of the key elements to consider when choosing a contractor.
Many times it seems as if a project is well within our DIY capabilities’ only later to realize how overwhelmed we have become and how the renovation has taken over our entire lives.  This is why it is important to consider hiring a professional contractor from the start.  Hiring an expert ensures the job is done correctly the first time, within budget, without wasting time or sanity.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Making The Most Out Of Your Renovation Dollars

Interest rates are seeing record lows making it affordable for more homeowners to obtain a home equity loan.  Finally contractors are finding themselves taking on expansive home addition projects for clients.  Below you will find a few items to think about as you tackle any sized home improvement project.
The real estate market is ever changing.  It is important to remember that every investment that you make to your home has a different return on investment.  Some renovations are done purely for your own satisfaction and it is important before you invest thousands of dollars that will never be recouped that you fully wrap yourself around that idea.
Whereas other renovations not only recoup their value when your home sells they add substantial value to the homes equity.  To make sure that the renovation makes sense consider the cost to value ratio verse buying a new home.  Of course other factors will go into this such as the location of the home, home available on the market and such but overall does it make sense to put money into your current home?
There are a number of ways to increase the space within your home.  Not all home additions are viewed the same when it comes to the real estate market.  For instance, many buyers view a sunroom as a liability.  You may however consider a sunroom the ideal way to bring the outdoors inside.  Consider this when investing in the renovation.  If you will not be able to recoup your investment in the long run how much are you willing to spend to get what you want so that you can enjoy the space while you own the house?
Finishing a basement however is seen by most buyers as a viable use of space.  If you are finishing a basement to offer additional bedrooms and living areas make sure that they function as such.  If the current basement lacks natural light it is important to plan the renovation to include additional natural lighting and windows.  The space should function just like an addition onto any other part of your home.  You are not adding additional square footage to the home per se however you are adding to the functional space of the home.
A major benefit of creating an addition out of spaces that already exist in your home like with attic and basement renovation is that although you aren’t adding square footage to the house you also aren’t eating up valuable landscape space.  It is amazing how an addition to an existing home can really transform the space.  With the constant noise, presence of crew and other distractions it can be hard to remember why you chose to renovate.  Keep in mind that all home improvement projects have a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel; the enjoyment that you will find in having additional functional space without the hassle of selling a house, buying a new one and moving your household.
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Considerations To Make When You Choose Renovating Over Moving

Many homeowners consider moving for one reason or another but the lack of money or motivation to pack everything up stops them.  Logically the next thought is to renovate their current home with a home addition.  That’s a whole lot easier than moving, right?
The truth is that there are pros and cons to both options.  Renovating your home has a different set of issues to consider.  Homeowners will need to consider whether they will proceed with the renovations on their own or if they will hire a professional contractor.  Remodeling projects also need to be budgeted for as the expenses can quickly get out of hand.  Homeowners should also consider the time and mess that comes along with a home addition.  It may be that in the end the idea of moving isn’t so bad after all.
In all seriousness however, most homeowners will choose adding on to their homes over moving nine out of ten times.  There are a number of reasons that staying in your home is a top choice over moving.  The most common reason for this is the location of the current home.  For most of us change is uncomfortable.  We become comfortable with the neighborhood and the routine of life all which would be disrupted substantially if we chose to move.
To begin any home renovation or room addition project homeowners should start by scheduling a meeting with an expert in home construction.  Be sure that the contractor that you choose is bonded, licensed and insured.  It is also a good idea to choose a home contractor that has built a solid reputation within your community for new construction projects and room additions.
After you have a general idea of what to expect the project to cost it is time to sit down and realistically figure if the addition is something you can afford.  Will you be able to pay cash for the renovation or will you need to look into financing options.  The cost of the renovation will mainly be dependent on the size of the space to be added along with the purpose of the space.  Certain rooms like bedrooms and home offices are cheaper than renovations where there are a great deal of additional material expenses like bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.
One way to safely decrease the expense involved in adding on to your home is by utilizing the homes existing floor plan.  Another option is to utilize an existing space for the additional room such as a basement or attic.  Understand that with any change comes some inconvenience.  Whether you move or choose to add on to an additional home get ready to be flexible and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.
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Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting the Best Return On Investment In Home Improvements

To help homeowners make better choices when it comes to home improvements it is important that they understand the value of the renovation.  Not all remodeling done around the home has the same return on investment.  It is not always worth sinking large amounts of money into upgrades when you are not thinking about staying in the space for any extended amount of time.
When it comes to the bigger winners in renovations the best investments are in kitchen renovations, finished basements and renovated attics.  Any one of these improvement can account for ten to fifteen percent of the total value of your home.  Bathroom renovationsare slightly lower at around five to ten percent.  The return of investment may not matter much to you if there is a space in your home that you absolutely can’t live within.  If you aren’t comfortable in your living room then it won’t matter how much value is added or not added to the home with the new appreciation you will have for the space.
Homeowners love their kitchens.  On average kitchen renovations cost around thirty thousand dollars which includes upgrades in flooring, updated appliances, lighting, new cabinets, fresh countertops and the professional resources to make it happen.  The thirty thousand dollar budget for kitchen remodeling does not include a full alteration of the floor plan.
If you desire a change in the layout you will add to the expense of the renovation.  Added expenses come in to play within the kitchen when homeowners change the footprint as plumbing, electrical and more needs to be considered.
There are many ways that homeowners can afford to hire a professional contractor while saving money.  It is crucial that any improvements are high quality.  It is possible to pinch pennies on mid-grade materials or find high grade materials in unique places to save within your allotted remodeling budget.  Quality, professional craftsmanship outweighs shoddy do it yourself renovations with high quality materials.
Be frugal in other areas rather than skimping on craftsmanship.  Professional contractorscan help homeowners as well.  Consider the following recommendations:
  • Shop when you see items on clearance. Flooring and tiles can be mixed and matched to create a unique flair while saving homeowners money.  A professional contractor will know how to install it in a manner that really enhances the space.
  • In a kitchen remodel save money by replacing the cabinet doors instead of opting to buy new cabinets.

Home Renovations That Bring Added Value To Your Home

I am often asked how different home improvement can change the value of your home.  The answer to this question will differ from contractor to contractor.  There are a number of renovations that increase the equity of your home however not all of them are as cost effective as others.  Home improvements are not all created equally when it comes to the return of investment.  Below you will find my top choices for homeowners to minimize the expense while increasing the value in your home.
Brighten Up Your Space: There are a number of ways that a home can be lightened up.  Instead of being faced with life in a dull dark home bring light colors to the walls and bring in more natural light to the space.  Neutral colors of lighter shades of paint should be implemented throughout the home along with an increase in lighting with dimmers.  Colors can be brought to a room in the form of accessories.  The pop of color, along with the lighter paint color can really brighten up the spaces within the home.
Real Wood Flooring: If you have some money to spend on your home invest in wood flooring.  When buyers come into a home that has quality flooring that has been well cared for they instantly swoon.  Wood flooring adds value, warmth and so much character to a space.  Don’t skimp on engineered or laminate flooring that looks like wood flooring they affect is never the same.  Go for the real deal.  Find mixed and match pieces of wood flooring through liquidation sales, salvage yards and such to get the best deal possible.  You can stain the floor and dress it up however you want to make it your space.
Enhance the Bath:  Little changes in the bathroom can make a big difference.  Don’t go overboard as that is when the bathroom renovation expenses soar.  Instead opt for a few new fixtures, some lighting changes, fresh paint and new shower caulk and grout. A trendy new mirror and some nice architectural changes really add a lot to the style of the bathroom.  These minimal updates can really impact the perception of the bathroom space without costing homeowners an arm and a leg.
When doing renovations to your home it is important that the work is done by a professional specializing in that area of home improvement.  The quality of the work that is done is just as important if not more important than any other aspect of the remodel.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016 Popular Trends In Home Improvements Continued

In our last installment on popular home remodeling trends we discussed several renovating options that are popular for 2016.  These renovations all tend to hold their value and work to increase the overall equity in the home.  Front entry home improvements, replacing garage doors and bathroom renovations work to retain and increase the value in the home.  Other renovations such as kitchen, deck, siding, attics and more will be discussed in this article as other options in remodeling that help boost today’s value of your home.

Kitchen Remodeling:  Minor or major kitchen renovations sell homes.   If you want to increase the chance that your home sells invest in the kitchen.  Buyers are looking to envision themselves in the kitchen when they look at homes to purchase.  The kitchen is the one space within a home that can truly make or break the sale of your home.  Minor kitchen renovations, costing around twenty thousand dollars often are able to recoup eighty three percent during resale.

Updates to the kitchen that work to hold their value the best include: Counter top replacement, cabinetry updates, flooring upgrades, lighting and storage.

Deck Additions: Homeowners are looking to enjoy the nice weather when they can.  A deck is one renovation that can allow homeowners to do just that from the comfort of their own home.  A wooden deck, depending on the size and complexity in design can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars upwards to six thousand dollars with the average falling around four thousand.  Homeowners are apt to recoup about eighty percent of the total cost of adding a deck to the home plus the pleasure you will naturally receive from enjoying the nice weather.

Replacement Siding:  There are a variety of siding options including brink, wood, stone and vinyl.  Vinyl siding is the most popular and least expensive replacement option in siding.  A fresh exterior increases the aesthetics of the homes curb appeal which will enhance the spaces charm and make it more desirable for buyers.

Attic Spaces: Converting an attic space into a bedroom, retreat or space for storage works as a great way to increase the function of your home while adding extra space and value.  Adding a bedroom to a home can return close to seventy five percent of your investment when you do decide to sell your home.  An attic bedroom space is ideal for a return college student or elderly parent.  The storage space that a finished attic space offers to homeowners is invaluable.

Home remodeling projects that are popular and trendy and add to the overall function of your home help to increase the appeal buyers may have to purchase your home.  This can only work in your favor if you ever find yourself selling during a buyer’s market.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2016 Popular Trends In Home Improvements

Home remodeling is done either because of personal interested or because of popular trends.  There are pros and cons for doing both that we will focus on.  When homeowners choose to remodel based on trends that are popular in the home improvement industry it may improve the chances the homeowner has at recouping the cost that was put into the remodel.  The focus today will be on popular housing trends in 2016 and how to work in your personal interests and recoup the money you put in.

Front Entry Home Improvements: The addition of a new entry door along with some updates in paint, fresh rugs and a bit of fresh greenery can really boost the charm of your home and the overall appeal of the home’s exterior.

Home entryway updates can cost an average of five hundred to a thousand dollars.  A new front entry door can cost around six hundred and twenty five dollars with paint and rugs running another fifty dollars.  Entry landscaping makes up the rest of this update making one heck of a return on your investment when the time comes to sell.

Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling: Although a bathroom renovation may require more time and money than other home improvement projects it is will also draw in the most attention from buyers.  Bathroom remodeling is also known as one of the best return on investments within the home improvement industry.

If you aren’t looking to do a complete overhaul on a bathroom which can cost upwards of twenty five thousand dollars consider simple updates that easily recoup their value.  Replace sinks, cabinets and countertops along with fixtures to create an update remodel.  Consider a fresh coat of paint and some updated linens for a complete bathroom makeover.

Garage Replacement Door and Remodel: This is a renovation that is not often considered when homeowners think about upgrading the exterior of their homes.   Replacing a garage door and updating the space adds to the total value of your home.  At resale you are apt to collect at least eighty seven percent of what you put into out of a garage renovation.  A new garage door can turn an old outdated exterior into a modern marvel.

Don’t just repaint the garage door replace it.  A garage door replacement ranges from around seven to eight hundred dollars all which is usually recouped within the sale of the home.

For more renovations that are popular in 2016 continue reading our next blog installment.
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What Makes Sense For You New Construction or Home Renovations

Should you renovate the current space you are living in or go out and purchase a new construction home that has everything you could want?  This question doesn’t have a one size fits all answer for all homeowners.  One of the most important issues that plagues many homeowners the issue of location.  Do you love the neighborhood you are in?  What are the other homes like?  Can you create the home of your dream within the neighborhood or do you risk pricing your home out of the area? Also consider if it makes economic sense to renovate over buying new.
Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before Committing to Renovations or New Construction
Can the desired updates occur within the current home?
Home renovations using the homes original footprint can cost up to fifty percent less than renovations that require a change in the structure of the home.  If you are looking to convert or add on a garage check out the neighborhood.  Are you sure that this will be viewed as an improvement within the space or a detriment? Sometimes an addition to an older home makes better sense economically as renovating an older space within the home means that you will need correct problems that currently exist.
Will you and your family be able to live through a major home renovation?
Home remodeling can wreak havoc on the normalcy that your family is familiar with.  Can you live through the construction of your space?  There will be lots of noise, a variety of contractors and disruptions.  If you are redoing your kitchen; how long can you live without a sink?  These are important considerations before renovating an existing home.
Are the renovations that you hope to perform legal?
Check with the local H.O.A. and municipality to determine if the renovations you are looking to perform are legal.  Are their requirements on how many stories a home can have?  Do you need to be a certain number of feet from the property line?  Do new renovations trigger requirements on existing elements in the home?  Usually this occurs within the homes electrical systems.
Does the renovation make sense for the home’s value?
This is a major issue for many homeowners.  Will you over value your home for the area you are in with the renovation you are looking to perform.  Adding a custo9m kitchen in a neighborhood filled with starter homes really doesn’t make a lot of sense.  The customization of a home’s kitchen can cost upwards of a hundred thousand dollars.  This is not necessarily beneficial in a place where the most expensive home sells for a hundred and fifty thousand.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tips On Hiring A Reputable Home Improvement Specialist

Home improvement projects come with some difficulties; the most common stemming from hiring an experienced, dependable contractor to execute the project.  Whether you are knowing out a wall to increase the size of the kitchen or something simpler like tiling the bathroom floor it is crucial the contractor will perform at the highest performance level possible. Below are several tips to help homeowners find a reliable and steadfast home improvement specialist.
Ask friends, family and co-workers for references on work previous contractors have performed:  If you know anyone that has had work done around their homes check with them to see if they would recommend the contractor that they employed.  When looking for qualified individuals to work with no one is a better reference than those within your own tight knit community of friends, family and co-workers.
Narrow the selection down to three contractors before asking them to estimate your home improvement project:  Interview contractors before getting bids or estimates from them.  Do not allow the final selection come down to the estimate or bid amount.  Find at least three contractors that offer exactly what you are looking for in a home improvement specialist.  Seek estimates from all three contractors and work to negotiate the best overall value for your project.
Review the licenses, complaints and litigation history on contractors that you are interested in working with:  Never waste time on a contractor without the proper licensing, bonding and insurance.  Homeowners insurance does not cover many problems that can arise when hiring work to be done around the home. With the proper licenses, bonds and insurance in place a contractor is showing that they are serious in protecting project owners, their business and subcontractors from any and all losses that should arise.
Have an idea of what you want before seeking out estimates from contractors:  It is important to be able to express exactly what you want in order to get to the end result you desire.  Contractors cannot read minds.  It is crucial to have a plan with definite ideas on what you are looking for.  Do not speak to a contractor until you have a set plan.  Once an idea is in place and you have a sense of what you want start seeking estimates from contractors.  This is the only way that you will get a reliable estimate on labor and materials for your project from the contractors you are seeking to work with.
In our next blog installment we will continue providing tips to aid homeowners in the search to find a contractor to employee that will perform home improvement projectswithin your home.
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Renovations Verse New Construction

An old age question that contractors are often asked; should we move forward with renovations on an existing home or opt for new construction?  There are factors on both sides of the discussion that need to be evaluated when deciding what is right for you and your family.  When considering between renovations and new construction take a look at the following five things.
Evaluate the costs associated with renovating verse the expense involved in new construction.  Are the renovations that are needed structural?  Structural renovations are often expensive and time consuming.  It will most often be more cost effective to start from scratch over renovating when a lot of structural changes are needed.  A new constructionsingle story home runs around two hundred thousand dollars and two story homes around two hundred fifty thousand dollars.
Renovations, especially those involving the structure of the home can add up due to unforeseen problems that arise along the way.  This doesn’t give you complete control over the budget whereas with a new home you can get a fixed price contract.
Consider the age of your existing home.  You may have purchased this specific home because of the houses character, the charm of the existing neighborhood and other aspects that are irreplaceable.  If you fell in love with the old wooden floors and the existing ornamental ceilings then remodeling is obviously the only way to go.  Period features in older homes cannot be replicated in new construction.
Where is the home located?  Is the property one of the reasons that you initially purchased the home?  Are there landscape options mature and unable to be replicated in another location?  Vacant land to build on is often scarce.
Look at the homes existing floor plan; does it match your family’s lifestyle?  If the homes floor plan is unworkable then it makes more sense to start from scratch over.  It may be cheaper to begin with a clean slate over completely renovating the homes existing floor plan into something that can work for your family and lifestyle.
Renovations are often more difficult to budget for.  New home construction allow for a few years of lower expenses because everything is new.  It is easier to maintain a new home and more energy efficient appliance, windows and more have been used to create your home.  Also, new construction comes along with a warranty.  Renovations are an expense that is comes along with the homes current maintenance expenses.  So while you may budget your finances to achieve a new addition to the existing home it doesn’t mean that the water heater on the home or the roof won’t suddenly need to be replaced.
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Monday, March 28, 2016

Purchasing A New Construction Home

Building a home from the ground up can be very exciting.  New construction allows you to make every choice and decision that involves your new home from flooring materials to the backsplash tiles.  It can be slightly overwhelming so it is important not to get too caught up in the little decisions and that you focus on what is really important in the new home construction process.

In new construction it is important to make sure that the home is inspected every step of the way.  You as the home owner will want to follow up with the builder on how any issues with the inspection process will be remedied.  When looking to buy a new construction home to avoid issues with your new home down the road.

Research buying new construction how you would research any major purchase.  Ensure that the developer and builder are in good standing with the state and local builder’s guilds.  You do not want to work with a contractor or developers that have pending complaints or judgments.  Ask about independent subcontractors they hire to work on your home. Take time to verify all licenses and construction bonds as well.  Know the amount of insurance they carry along with the amount they are bonded for.

It is important to hire a real estate agent when building a new home.  Don’t assume that the in house sales agent will assist you and guide you through the process.  Those sales agents work on behalf of the seller of the new construction homes.  They represent the developer’s best interests not the home buyer.  This is where is pays to have a real estate agent working on your behalf. 

Check the fine print throughout purchase contracts as they differ greatly from states to state.  Real estate documentation differs.  Have a real estate attorney review any and all documentation before you sign it.  A builder’s contract usually represents the builder and contractor, not the buyer.  You will want to make sure that addendums can be added to keep you protected during the phases of building and purchasing your new construction home.  Have an understanding of what is covered under the builder’s warranties and what is not. 

Don’t assume anything is included.  Many model homes within new construction homes are built with all the bells and whistles.  Avoid making the mistakes that many people viewing the model do.  Assume that the cost of the home includes nothing.  Ask for a detailed list of what the model home includes that is not included in the price of the basic new construction home you are purchasing.  Model units often include high end lighting features, upgraded trim, architectural detailing and upgraded appliances.  These all make the unit more attractive to buyers.  Even the height of the doors and ceiling should be in writing as the model often has these enhanced features.

A home inspection is recommended even when purchasing a new construction home.  Mistakes can be made by contractors and it is important to ensure the home is in proper order before it is yours.  Not all new construction homes offer warranties or guarantees on the work that is done.  Inspections should be done throughout the home by an independent inspector to ensure the home is up to code throughout.

Before you close on your newly constructed home you should walk through the space with the builder.  During this time you can point out defects in the home that were established in the contract and that need to be repaired before the closing.  Never close on a newly constructed home without this final walk through.  Once you have closed and signed the official documentation the home is officially yours and the builder is off the hook for any and all fixes that were included in the original contract.  
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Considerations With New Construction

Building a home from the ground up is a dream that many homeowners have.  With new construction homeowners can design the perfect home to include all of the special features, colors, materials and such that they have always wanted.  As fantastic as all of it sounds the truth is that building a new home come with its own special set of difficulties.  Before you decide to build a new home or to start searching local real estate for an existing home consider the points within this article.  New construction is a process that occurs over time; it is important to know what you are getting yourself into before signing on the dotted line.

With new construction, homeowners must be involved in the design process.  For some this is a win-win situation while others may find this a time consuming daunting task.  Consider the time commitment that you have to give to building a new home.  Will you have time to look into cabinets, flooring, fixtures, paint and more?  New construction offers the opportunity to customize each and every detail.  Is this something you are ready to commit to?

With a new construction home you will be the first person to live in the space.  This is considered a benefit for many.  However it is important to consider that you will also be the first person to discover and repair issues within the home.  In order to safe guard yourself against any installation and construction issues have the home inspected by a licensed home contractor before signing off on the new construction.  The same is true of buying an existing home. It is crucial that you are aware of any issues that may arise and able to address the repairs before the home is officially yours. 

Another consideration is the amount of time it takes to build a custom home.  Depending on the location and climate the process can take anywhere between three to six months from start to finish.  Do you have that kind of time to wait?  Consider the amount of time it will take to sell your current home.  Are you moving to a completely new area?  Will you be able to find something to rent if the home is not completed on time?  Where will you store your belongings until your new home is finished?

When you purchase an existing home you already know that cost of the home.  With new construction the cost is ever changing.  Each custom feature comes at a price.  Part of the new construction process is negotiating all of the extras as you proceed through the project.  You will need to stay on top of the additional material and labor fees throughout the process to ensure that you are staying within a set budget.  It is important that you get what you pay for.  The responsibility of making sure this occurs falls on your shoulders.

After you have considered the myriad of possibilities involved in new construction do you feel comfortable tackling the challenges of new construction?  Many people believe the extra effort involved throughout the process of building a custom home is all worth it in the end.  At the end of the day they have constructed an environment that is customized to their exact wants and needs.
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